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How To Organize Your Coat Closet Or Cloakroom

Most people have some sort of arrangement near the main entrance to their house, mostly the front door, for storing residents' and visitors' coats. Some houses have a simple row of hooks in the hall, whereas others have a dedicated coat closet or cloakroom.

Furthermore, most of these spaces are fairly chaotic with coats heaped over other coats which are heaped on top of other coats that no-one has worn for years.

You should apply the same rules to organizing this region, let's call it a cloakroom for easy reference, as you do to your bedroom closets or wardrobes. The trick is that everything must have a place and everything must be in that place, which means that you and all the family or all the household have to be aware of the rules.

It simply does not make for a tidy cloakroom if some folk stick to the rules whilst others do what they want. Let's take an average family or household of four as another norm. Four people like this will own a coat or two each, a jacket, perhaps an umbrella and a number of pairs of shoes and a pair of slippers maybe.

You could install a shoe rack so that each person can store, say, three pairs of shoes each in the cloakroom. If your shoe rack has four levels then three pairs of shoes and a pair of slippers each. Everything else has to be kept either in the bedroom or the garage. Some footwear is seasonal, so this ought not be too much of a difficulty.

Likewise with coats and jackets. You could have a row of coat hooks around the walls of the cloakroom and allocate every member of the household a certain number of hooks. (Look out for the cloakroom hooks that have a top and bottom hook - two for the space of one).

Again, all non-seasonal coats to be stored in the bedroom. One more tip here, remember to allocate a row of hooks for visitors. Perhaps one of the small walls of a small cloakroom could be set apart for visitors.

An ideal cloakroom would have a shoe rack at the floor level or a bit higher, then a row of double coat pegs and then a shelf running around it. This shelf is important. People used to wear hats a great deal more than they do now, but some people still wear gloves, scarves and shawls that they would rather not hang on a peg and others like to ride a motorbike.

Never worry, you will always find something to put on a shelf in a cloakroom even if it is only a tin of air freshener to spray around before guests arrive.

One more item that is often stored in cloakrooms that you ought to reserve space for is the vacuum cleaner. It is convenient to have a vacuum cleaner in the hall to suck up the bits of mud and rubbish that inevitably get carried or blown into the hall, but you will always have space for one in a well-organized cloakroom


Wax Jackets The Preferred Look This Winter

Wax jackets are no longer just for bikers, fishermen and farmers - they're fashion-forward, cool and contemporary, yet haven't lost any of their practicality. Thankfully, you don't have to break your budget to own one.

Waterproof, warm and rugged, wax jackets are unbelievably versatile, and will fast become your favourite jacket that you own. Their element-repelling qualities are the result of the waxed finish of the cotton fabric from which the jackets are made. The smooth wax coating enables water to run off the fabric without permeating it, and keeps windy weather out altogether.

Adding a wax jacket to your wardrobe is easy. If you want to invest in a branded wax jacket, that's great, but the technology has been adapted by many designers and it's now possible to find a great wax jacket for as little as 30 pounds - with no compromise on the quality.

Traditional wax jackets, in neutral shades of olive green, black, grey or brown, can also be found in many stores and often with the trademark tartan lining. It's popular amongst designers of waxed jackets to make the lining detachable, for an extra layer of warmth during the coldest months that can be removed as the weather starts to get warmer.

Removable hoods are also a common design feature of wax jackets, as are draw-cord fastenings and corduroy collars for extra cosiness in poor weather conditions. Many jackets will also have double-ended zippers, for a comfortable fit whether you're sitting at the wheel of a tractor, or just in your seat on the train.

The styles of wax jackets have also evolved. The loose fitting, boxy, 'unisex' style is as popular as ever, but modern styles of wax jackets that are shorter, more fitted and in bolder colours are also becoming the trend. Ladies' wax jackets can even be found in feminine colours of pink, red and purple, with chunky belts and in figure-flattering shapes.

To keep your wax jacket looking great for years the cleaning instructions must be followed carefully. Never dry clean your jacket or wash it using detergents as this will damage the wax coating. Instead, a gentle hand wash or a wipe with a damp cloth is all that is necessary, but the wax coating will need to be replaced to keep the jacket waterproof.

You can do this yourself if you wish by purchasing wax dressing, or alternatively, send it to be treated by a specialist. Caring for your wax jacket is a worthwhile investment, as it's a garment you'll want to wear for years.


The Advantages Of Owning A Racer Leather Jacket

There are several distinct advantages of owning a racer leather jacket. This is especially true if you enjoy riding motorcycles. A racer jacket is considered to be a type of apparel that is worn by motorcyclist for the purpose and intent of protecting their body and enhancing their overall appearance. In most instances, a racer jacket is formed from leather that is derived from the hides of an assortment of animals. However, there are synthetic - or manmade - leathers used in the creation of these types of jackets as well. The most common color associated with a racer jacket composed of leather is black. However, many other colors are available on the market as well. In this guide, you will learn about the many advantages associated with owning a racer jacket for those that utilize them while riding motorcycles.

A racer jacket offers many levels of protection to the individual that spends time riding their motorcycle. As you know, those that enjoy riding motorcycles are often exposed to many different environmental elements. These elements include, but are not limited to, dust, wind, varying degrees of rain, as well as temperature fluctuations. In some locations, a rider may also be subjected to ice, hail, and snow. It is important for a rider to wear a highly durable jacket so that their skin and clothing is not subjected to these environmental agents. Not only could these weather conditions have a detrimental impact on a person's health, but they may ruin the clothes that the individual is wearing. Furthermore, it is not at all uncommon for these conditions to distract a driver while on the road. By wearing a leather jacket, individuals may successfully avoid all of these complications and face their focus on the road.

In addition to weather complications, there are many potential accidents that a motorcycle rider may face while on the road. These accidents may be caused by mechanical failure, complications with the motorcycle's tires, common mistakes, the mistakes of other drivers, environmental conditions, and terrain issues. When a rider is ejected from a motorcycle, the injuries could be potentially life threatening. Individuals that elect to wear a racer leather jacket are placing a barrier between them and other surfaces. Therefore, increasing the likelihood that fewer injuries will occur should an accident happen. It has been established that many individuals that have survived motorcycle accidents with few injuries have been successful in their endeavor because of the fact that they were wearing a high quality racer jacket in conjunction with their motorcycle helmet.

In addition to the advantages highlighted throughout this guide, a racer leather jacket also enhances the look and appeal of a rider. There are several unique designs, colors, and styles associated with these types of leather jackets. If you are interested in purchasing these types of leather jackets, it is important to ensure that you select one that is the right fit for you. Choosing a jacket that is too big or too small may not offer the same advantages as a jacket that fits you appropriately. It is also important to ensure that you wear the jacket in conjunction with other safety accessories such as a motorcycle helmet and visor for the eyes. By following these steps, you will reap the highest level of benefits from a leather jacket.


Stunning Ladies Coats and Jackets

Need a top layer for every occasion, Ladies? Coats and jackets give you much more than just some extra warmth: styles, colours and fabrics help to make ladies coats a real fashion statement too. Labels understand this, which is why there's such a great choice of coats and jackets on the market, particularly at a time of year where we're re-assessing whether our current coats are up to the job.

From duffel jackets to fleeces, waterproof coats to denim, there are ladies coats to suit every occasion, mood and wallet. But there is more to consider than just the colour or length of your next jacket: think about quality, material, lining and care before you commit to buying.

Different occasions require different clothing. Ladies coats come in all shapes and sizes, so take a look at what you already have and decide whether you need to update some of your current jackets, add something new for a particular purpose, or simply indulge in something extra warm and cosy. You might need a ladies jacket for practical purposes, such as standing on the touch-lines, cheering on your children on the chilliest of days, or hiking with friends where layers of thinner shirts and coats are better than something heavy.

Walking the dog whatever the weather means that a long waterproof coat is a practical choice, whilst on sunnier days you don't need a full-on ladies coat at all; just a simple fleece will do. Choose windproof ladies coats for bike rides or seaside strolls, and perhaps something less structured to wrap around when you're just nipping out to the shops. You don't need hundreds of coats in your wardrobe, but you do need enough to see you through a variety of uses.
On the other hand, ladies coats and jackets for work or more formal occasions need to fulfil a number of requirements. They must look great, hang well and keep their shape, so for keeping you warm on the commute, or providing the perfect top layer for an evening meal, look for faux fur, blazer-style coats or jackets made from more unusual materials, such as velvet. Denim jackets never seem to be out of fashion, and you can accessorise with scarves, necklaces and layers to create a great look, wherever you are.

And finally, when you're comparing ladies coats and jackets, always look for the quality of material and the attention to detail, because those are the things that will help you to get real value for money, adding a long-lasting, timeless item to your coat cupboard.


Coats: Fashion or Function?

The coat a woman chooses to wear can reflect her personality and style preference so you can often tell a lot about a person by the type of jacket they choose. The style of women's coats have gone through some major changes in the last few decades, who can forget the square cut shoulder pads of the 80s, so when choosing a new coat there are a few key things to keep in mind, especially if you're looking for a fashionable garment which is also functional and practical.

If you are looking for a winter coat then function normally wins out over style. When picking a winter garment it's best to go for thick, warm materials so you don't catch a chill when you're out and about. If you anticipate snowy or wet weather then a waterproof coat would be ideal but these often won't win you any awards in the style stakes so it pays to shop around and find a style that suits you. Most retailers have a large selection of winter coats at this time of year so head for your favorite shop and you're sure to find a jacket that you can wear with pride.

Summer jackets are easier to purchase as they don't require any strict rules when it comes to function. If you go for airy materials and light colours this should stand you in good stead for the summer months. Stick to classic styles that you can comfortably wear again next year, you don't want to have to purchase a new coat every time the fashions change.

If you need a coat for a business meeting or a posh function then opt for a plain tailored style that will show your colleagues and peers that you are fashionable, confident and professional. Make sure you don't overdo it with wild colours and crazy cuts; you want people to notice you and not just the outrageous jacket you're wearing. When you're out on the town with the girls this is the time to splash out and experiment with funky styles so save your fashion faux pas for your free time.

When choosing a coat style and function often don't fit together but many more designers are recognising that fact and are producing items that cover both. High street shops regularly stock practical womens coats that also consider the fashion conscious women, so you can get the best of both worlds if you're happy to hunt around. The range of coats available means there is sure to be something to suit everyone, no matter your shape, size or style.


How To Spot The Hot New Leather Coat Fashion Trends

Leather coats are always in fashion, it seems they always have and always will. There are always new styles and trends that come out every year even when you think that there is just no way to re-invent the leather coat.

The act of wearing a leather coat will make you feel stylish, hip and on top of your game and since they can be worn in casual styles as well as elegant and dressy they offer a great deal of diversity. I don't believe there is another piece of clothing as versatile and worth the investment as a fine quality leather coat. The question is how do you buy the perfect leather coat for you?

The classic leather trench coat is a super hot fashion style in leather coats now. The great thing about a quality leather trench coat is that it is such a rich and elegant look because of all the leather it takes to make one it upgrades anything you wear it with, even if you just wear it with a pair of jeans and a simple shirt. Another reason the leather trench coat is such a popular choice is because it works well for the cold, rainy east coast weather of freezing rain, high winds, snow and ice. They also tend to stay in season for years so the best color to choose is black since it goes with just about anything.

Another great choice is the hooded leather coat which goes well in cold and blustery weather. This leather coat style is designed for function and practicality first with fashion being a secondary consideration. These coats are designed to be warm and protect against the wind on those days and nights that we get the high gales. Even though this type of coat is more utilitarian if you go with high quality leather it can dramatically increase how valuable the coat appears.

The final leather coat style we will examine in this article is the swing coat. A leather swing coat brings one a look and feel of fun, sensuality, and high fashion. This type of leather coat looks great with a skirt, suit, or jeans and is one of the most versatile of all leather coats as it is good looking on nearly any body type. The newer swing coats have a new look that resembles that of a rain jacket and features a belt that gives excellent dimension to your body. These quality leather coats are timeless and will look good on women of all ages.


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